The klayzer GR Pro is a fully automatic 2D metal detector | 5 Different Detection Systems

The klayzer GR Pro is a fully automatic 2D metal detector that can use five different detection systems giving you audio and visual information.
It can work in different terrains and the toughest weather conditions without being affected by all kinds of dust and pollutants.
It works with the highest efficiency and accuracy in mineral and rocky soils using a metal detection system.
Automatic calibration and soil settings.
You have the option to search for different minerals you want in the search mode. For example, if you want to search for gold only, you can choose only gold from the list.
The klayzer GR Pro can differentiate between gold, precious metals, distances, iron and metal differentiation.
The device can work in six different languages ​​(German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic)
In the GR Pro, you can choose the space mode and discover underground vaults and secret chambers.
The device has 3 search discs that give you the ability to work with different depths. You can use two of these tablets under water.
Depth measurement: The device can accurately measure depths in centimeters.
The klayzer GR Pro has an LED light on the screen so you can work in dark environments.
The klayzer GR Pro 5 uses detection systems:
First: a long-range system - one person
Second: The long-range system - the two-person system
Third: Deep search system for minerals and spaces
Fourth: the surface search system
Fifth: Pinpointer System
For more information about the device, visit the device page on our website:
The device is exclusively available through #GoldMaster, the exclusive agent in the Middle East, and comes with a 5-year warranty with shipping to all countries of the world.
To order the device, please contact the sales department via the following numbers:
Or through WhatsApp:
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