The Legendary Sound of VOX Amplifiers in the 1960s

I've been meaning to do a video like this for a long time. However, the biggest issue was actually getting my hands on these amps. They are rare and expensive, and in some case, hard to find. Had I opted to buy all of these amps for this video, I would be in financial ruin. So, the only logical way to this was with a Kemper Profiler amp.

Some will say that this is silly, because it's not the "real amps", but these profiles sound awesome and give us a good idea of what these amps can do. The profiles selected for this video were either bought, or were free from the Gear Exchange. Nobody sponsored the video, I bought everything to make this video.

With that being said, we are starting with the AC-2, which had a few cosmetic changes as well as two name changes (AC-6 and AC-4), the AC10, AC10 Twin and the AC10 SRT. The AC15 and the AC15 Twin, three different AX30's, the AC50, the AC100 and a surprise amp that most people forget when talking about Vox amplifiers of the 60's.

I'm a Stringjoy artist, and play their set of Broadways on all my Electric guitars.
I play the 10/13.5/17/28/38/50 on all my Gibson and Epiphone. I play the 9.5/13/16/26/36/48 on my Strat and Telecaster.

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** All the gear in this video was purchased with my own money. Any opinions shared are based on my user experience**


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