The Line Magnetic tube amp I fell in love with - LM211IA

I really love this beast of an amp. It perfectly drives my Sonus Faber Cremona Mark 1 and brings every style of music to a more pleasing, yet exciting level.
Even the old school 1980ies disco sound from Chic & Co with hammering e-pianos, chucky clean hitmaker guitar riffs and deep bass lines comes to new life. Yes, it can play quite loud, even in sweeter triode mode!

So, I decided to dedicate some filming exercise with a manual slider and a new cinematic color grading to the passionated people from Line Magnetic who build such great amps in China.
Just to say Thank You from Germany!

Disclaimer: All gear has been purchased by me and is my own. I do not get sponsored by anybody, and there is no influence from anybody on me what I film, write or say.

This film is for editorial purpose only and does not constitute any recommendation for any products or services.
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