The Manifestation Of The Holy Spirit ll Apostle Arome Osayi

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1. Be Like Him
2. Hunger for Greater Glory
3. Intimacy
4. Kingdom Advancement
5. Kingdom Economics (Part One and two)
6. Kingdom Economics The Power to get Wealth
7. Notable Manifestation of Sons
8. Praying in the Spirit
9. Redeeming the Time
10. Strategies of the Spirit
11. The Ancient Paths (The Anointing)
12. The Anointing
13. The Creative Power of the Spoken Word
14. The Eternal Counsel of God
15. The Firm Foundation
16. The Gospel of the Kingdom
17. The Lifestyle of the Kingdom
18. The Pathway to Greater Grace
19. The Pathway to Sonship
20. The Spirit of Faith
21. We Will Not Bow
Below are all the apostle joshua selman messages in 2012:
1. Commanding Results
2. Common Acts that Bring Uncommon Blessings
3. Conquering Cosmos
4. Easter Communion Service
5. Exposition on the Book of Ephesians (Part One to Three)
6. Faith in the Faithfulness of God
7. Great Grace and Glory
8. Invading the Systems
9. Joint Heirs with Christ
10. Knowing God Experiencially
11. Let the Seal be Broken
12. Living Portals
13. Praying into Greatness
14. Reigning with Christ
15. Sound the Alarm
16. Spiritual Perception
17. The Apostate Church
18. The Full Gospel (Part One to Four)
19. The Joy of Persecution
20. The Living Logos
21. The Significance of Christmas
22. The Victorious Mindset (Part One)
23. Walking in Purpose
24. Yielding to More of the Anointing

Below are all the apostle joshua selman messages in 2013:

1. A Discussion on Kingdom Truths
2. Activating Breakthroughs (The Ministry of Destiny Helpers)
3. Conquering Unbelief
4. Doers of the Word
5. Dominion through Excellence
6. Envoys of His Presence
7. Extraordinary Acomplishment (The Cost)
8. Gifted for Exploits
9. Give Me This Mountain
10. Knowing God Experiencially (Repeat)
11. Prophetic Insights Into God's Agenda
12. Relationship and Family Life Series (Part One to Four)
13. Spiritual Growth
14. The Evidence of Genuine Intimacy with God
15. The Mystery of Death and Glory
16. The Price For a Glorious Destiny
17. The Price for an Extraordinary Anointing
18. The Reality of Heaven and Hell (Part One and Two)
19. The Secret of Sustained Glory
20. The Victorious Mindset (Part One to Two)
21. The Weapons of Our Warfare (Part One to Three)
22. The Working Knowledge of the Word
23. What Wisdom Is This
Below are all the apostle joshua selman messages in 2014:
1. A Night of Supernatural Visitation
2. Activating Seasons of Greatness
3. Admonitions
4. Confronting the Darkness of Error and Apostasy
5. Divine Direction
6. Endurance A Requirement for Greatness
7. Extraodinary Success
8. Faithfulness
9. Financial Dominion (Part One to Four)
10. Gaining Spiritual Stature (Part One to Three)
11. Ancient Secret of Power and Relevance
12. Light and Dominion
13. Prayers and Encounters
14. Pulling Down Strongholds
15. ReIgniting A Passion For The Holy SpiritKoionia
16. Spiritual Strategy For Renewal
17. Spiritual Timings
18. The Laws of Dominion
19. The Mysteries of the Kingdom (Part One to Three)
20. The Mystery of Marriage
21. The Power of Hope
22. The Protocol of an Encounter
23. The Speaking Blood
24. Victory Over the Spirit of Death
Below are all the apostle joshua selman messages in 2015:
1. A Night of Prevailing Prayers
2. As a Man Thinketh
3. Awake Thou that Sleepeth
4. Biblical Keys to Longevity
5. Challenging Discussions on Late Marriage
6. God's Ability in You
7. Peace
8. Season of The Rain
9. Spiritual Awakening
10. Spiritual Songs and Prophecy
11. The Dominion Mystery of Tithing
12. The Emergence (Part One to Three)
13. The Faith that Works
14. The Man God Uses
15. The Mystery of Perfection (Love)
16. The Principles of Effective Living
17. The Reality of Spiritual Laws
18. The Wealthy Place (Part One to Three)
19. Think on These Things
20. Thy Kingdom Come
21. Why Revivals Die

Below are all the apostle joshua selman messages in 2016:

1. A Prophetic Message
2. Discerning the Body of Christ
3. Discerning the Will of God
4. For your Glory (Part One and Two)
5. Love Never Fails
6. Manifesting Your Destiny
7. Multiplied Grace and Influence
8. Panel Discussion on Kingdom Issues
9. Romans 10 14
10. Secrets of the Kingdom (Part One to Two)
11. Spiritual Patterns (Revision)
12. Strategic Kingdom Influence
13. That They May Be One (Part One to Two)
14. The Dynamics of Transformation
15. The Glory Revealed (Part One and Two)
16. The Power of Process
17. The Spirit of True Revival
18. The Travail
19. This Mystery Called Gratitude
20. Thrive (Part One and Two)......
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