The Martin 00-18 Guitar - Livestream Demo & Discussion

Please join us in the chat as we demonstrate & discuss the Martin 00-18! Aaron & Maury meet up every Monday for an in-depth chat about Martin Guitars, & related products. Today's featured guitar is the Martin 00-18. The Martin 00-18 is part of the Martin Guitar standard series - hand-made in Nazareth, PA, featuring a dovetail neck joint & all-solid wood construction. The Martin 00-18 is very similar to the popular Martin 000-18. The top of the Martin 00-18 is just slightly smaller across the lower bout, but the body depth, neck and scale length are exactly the same as the 000-18. You can find ALL the specs here, on our website:

Martin offers an even smaller version, called the 0-18, but that's for another video. At the time of this broadcast, Maury's has ONE 00-18 in stock and ready to ship.

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