The Melvins - "Night Goat" - Guitar & Bass Cover by CH:

Here's my take on this classic.

Artist: The Melvins
Album: “Houdini” - 1993
Rights: Atlantic Records

The cool looking shirt? It was designed by Original Anger Designs.

You can find them on Instagram @ originalangerllc.

I filtered out the guitar and bass, then used a Gibson Les Paul Classic (panned mostly left) and an SG (panned to the right.)

…working with my Warwick 5-string Rock Bass for the low-end.

I also used a Boss Angry Driver, Big Muff Fuzz, and a Keeley Caverns for the reverb.

Feel free to hit me up if you need to know more!

God Bless.


#melvins #alternativerock #altmetal
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