The Most Expensive Overdrive Pedal We Sell?! - Stand Alone X Love Bomb Pedal

Armed with a trusty Gibson ES-335 & the iconic purple Fender Telecaster, The Captain and Gareth Johnson go over the Stand Alone X Love Bomb Pedal. Made with military grade tubes used during the cold war, this pedal delivers explosive tones! | https://tinyurl.com/yegq5w4h

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Make love not war! The Stand Alone X Analoguetube Love Bomb is an all tube Overdrive / Preamp pedal. The secret to the Love Bomb's authentic amp like tone is a military spec NOS 6948 sub-miniature tube. This was originally designed to power missile guidance systems during the Cold War! Thankfully for us guitarists though, the tubes have been repurposed to deliver a plethora of satisfying tones from a clean boost, to a warm crunch, to a highly saturated, searing distortion. In this video we played the Love Bomb using a beautiful Gibson ES-335, a Fender Telecaster and a Victory amp.

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