The Most IMMERSIVE Dolby Atmos Home Theater I have EVER Experienced! 9.8.4 JBL Line Array w/ 8 Subs

The Most IMMERSIVE Dolby Atmos Home Theater I have EVER Experienced with (13) JBL Line Array speakers, (8) 18" Subs, BOSS AND ButtKicker in a 9.8.4 configuration!

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Jonathan's Home Theater:

LED Lights for Speakers:
RGB Controller -
Addressable RGB LED Strip -
RGB Extension Wire -
LED Connectors (Will save you hours) -

Projector: Epson 5040UB -
Epson 5050UB (newer model) -
Screen: Jamestown 144" 2.35:1 Seymour XD acoustic transparent screen

Audio System: 9.8.4:
Denon AVR X6700H in dedicated pre-amp mode -

(2) Crown 8|300N amps for 16 channels of 300 watt per channel amplification and DSP -

Speakers: (13) JBL CBT 70J-1 in a 9.8.4 speaker layout

Subwoofers: (8) UM18-22 18" subwoofers in 21" sealed boxes powered by (4) iNuke DSP 6000 amplifiers = one subwoofer driver per channel.
NX6000DSP Amp -

(4) Buttkicker Advance 4:3, one per chair for tactile feedback, powered by a Crown XLS 802

ButtKicker Advance -
ButtKicker BKLFE -
ButtKicker Mini -

(4) MB Quart II 12" subwoofers, one per chair for BOSS style tactile feedback, powered by (4) ButtKicker 130-OE amps.

Component Devices:
Xbox Series X, PS4, Roku 4K stick, Firestick 4K, Panasonic DP-UB420, HTPC
Seats: (4) Berkline recliners composing the single seating row and a card table and chairs behind.

Rounded Acoustic Foam -

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BasX Amplifiers
A2 (2ch amplifier) -
A3 (3ch amplifier) -
A4 (4ch amplifier) -
A5 (5ch amplifier) -
A7 (7ch amplifier) -

More Emotiva Amps:
XPA-2 Gen3 -
XPA-3 Gen3 -
XPA-5 Gen3 -
XPA-7 Gen3 -
XPA-9 Gen3 -
XPA-11 -
Emotiva BasX A-500 -



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