The NAKED Loudspeaker HiFi4 Music | Milano Hi-Fidelity Show 2021 [4k UHD]

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The NAKED loudspeaker is an innovative approach to high-end reproduction, targeting to completely cancel the negative influence that the box produces on the speakers’ sound.
Even though some loudspeakers’ enclosures are rigid, thick and sturdy, they always color the sound with their own signature and this is not what a true perfectionist wants to happen in his listening room.
People is so used to these colorations and compressions that not even appear to notice anymore… until they listen to the IO DESIGN NAKED loudspeaker… well, welcome in a new world of listening.


Aerospace aluminium and military grade CNC machining precision. Proprietary laboratory grade anti-vibration structure, torque wrench precision joints tightening (first ever usage to control the resonances), damped solid steel precision feet with proprietary unidirectional vibration draining flow. Structure is resonance frequency controlled.
Custom loudspeakers drivers precision matching. Proprietary crossover design with top quality electronic components.
Patent pending tuning solutions for a perfect room's setup.
Top level finishing featuring a luxury architectural leather upholstery (non animal origin) and interiors design grade painting.
Wood crates ISPM15 norm compliant. CE certification.

2 Woofers 12"
1 Custom magneto-planar Midrange
1 Custom ribbon Tweeter
Sensitivity 91 dB
Nominal Impedence 8 Ohm (minimum 4 Ohm)
Frequency response 22-35.000 Hz

Hight 1550 mm
Width 470 mm
Depth 660 mm
Weight 80 kg (each)
Boxed weight 95 Kg (each)

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