The New and IMPROVED Doge 8 Tube Pre-amplifier is just WOW.

Doge 8 RCA version: https://doge.audio/product/doge-8-clarity-2019-edition/
Doge 8 XLR + RCA version: https://doge.audio/product/doge-8-clarity-xlr/
Doge 8 Brimar Limited Edition version (only 20 units) : https://doge.audio/product/doge-8-clarity-2022-edition-nos/

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Other gear mentioned in this video:
Modwright ls100
Sonic frontier line 1,2 and 3
Schiit Freya Plus
Audible illusions 2b,2d and 3b.

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0:00 Things I like about the Doge 8
6:51 Things I don't like about the Doge 8
9:06 Improved Doge 8 RCA version
15:41 Doge 8 Sound and Comparison

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