The NEW Boss Katana-50 MkII EX - New Features & Updates For One Of The Most Popular Amps Around!

Dagan takes a look at the brand new Boss Katana 50 MKII EX! Check out all the awesome new features, additions and upgrades to this brand new amplifier! The EX sits perfectly in between the already incredibly popular Boss Katana-50 MKII & the 100w Boss Katana-100 MKII!

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The EX is an evolution of a modern classic. The Katana-50 MkII has become a popular compact practice amp thanks to its versatile amp types, built-in BOSS effects library and breathing class AB power amp delivering power and responsive feel. The Katana-50 MkII EX expands on these capabilities, providing more performance functionalities. GA-FC and GA-FC EX support allows you to select Tone Setting memories, turn effects on/off, and more with our dedicated foot controllers. There’s also a line output for sending mix-ready tone to a house PA, plus the ability to link a second Katana MkII amp with the Stereo Expand feature!

We absolutely love the Boss Katana range here at PMT. When they were first released in 2016, these award winning amps really were a game changer, solid state amps that could deliver the realistic tone, response and dynamics of a valve amp. Add to this their huge range of features and versatile output power switching options, and you’ve got a range of gig ready amps that sound amazing cranked up on stage, but are equally just as suitable for lower volume rehearsals, recording or even quieter bedroom practice!

Alongside all of the features found on the regular MKII Boss Katana 50, new features for the new EX model include:

- MAXIMUM FOOT CONTROL, It is now possible to use the GA-FC/GA-FC EX for maximum real-time interaction. Switch Tone Settings and effects while performing. GA-FC EX has more expandability : third expression pedal input and option to connect a second GA-FC/GA-FC EX to extend the controls at your feet!

- LINE OUT, Sends mix-ready amp tones to an external PA system or mixing console with mic’d cabinet emulation, while still using the built-in speaker. Perfect for live setup with amp on stage and Line Out to the FOH console!

- STEREO EXPAND, Link a second Katana Amp for a wide, immersive stereo rendering across both amps.

00:00 Intro Tones
01:48 What Is The Boss Katana, And What Makes It Awesome?
03:28 What HASN'T Changed In The New EX Model
05:31 What's New In The New EX Model?
14:47 Tone Demos - Clean, Chorus
16:34 Tone Demos - Crunch, Booster
18:12 Tone Demos - Lead, Delay
19:57 Tone Demos - Brown
20:46 Final Thoughts

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