The New Donner DST-152 vs My Washburn?

Good day!

Got a cool new guitar from Donner for you to check out... the Donner D152W "Seeker" series guitar package! How will it stack up against my old Washburn?

Get yours today!
US Amazon: (White)

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CODE: 08guitardave

Thanks to Donner for sending me their new guitar package to review, and thanks to y'all for your support and for checking out the video!

0:00 Intro
0:33 Unboxing
3:41 Meet the contenders
4:02 The mini amp
5:09 Know your pickups
6:55 Vs Demo starts
13:10 Switch to Peavey Vypyr Amp
15:38 Time for the whammy bar!
17:57 Thoughts and opinions on Donner guitar package

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