The New FLARM BOOSTER He Amplifier Made for Helium Miners for more HNT And Less Invalid Part2

HI in this video it's Part 2 i will Make quick explanation About The New FLARM BOOSTER He 10dBi Amplifier Made specifically for Helium Miners for more HNT And Less Invalid and he have only 10dBi like this you don't need to buy 6 dBi or 7dBi Attenuator to reduce any power coming to your Helium Miner , i will be testing the FLARM BOOSTER He in outdoor enclosure with 1 RAK Helium Miner AND the seconde FLARM BOOSTER He with other Rak Miner in and using LMR400 and BIAS TEE .....ext and i will compare the result and let you know soon possible ok , Subscribe for the result
And like i said i still not recommend him to buy him only after i will test him to be sure that he will add profit to your Helium Miner .

Disclaimer this article its from Jetvision website

Derived from our FLARM BOOSTER product designed for aviation, you can use it to compensate for inadequacies and negligence in the design of some devices. You can not only compensate for long cable distances between antenna and device but ultimately eliminate them due to the excellent noise figure of 1.2dB.

The gain of the FLARM BOOSTER He was set to 10 dB in order not to trigger the RSSI measurement in the network too often and therefore to reject events. The noise figure is an excellent 1.2dB (1). Our FLARM BOOSTER He only works optimally when it is connected directly to the antenna with a short cable. Keep the losses between antenna and FLARM BOOSTER as low as possible, use cables as short as possible and no adapters! Please also note the series of our -upcoming- blog articles on this topic.

The power supply is very simple. Either use the normal DC input with 5-15V, or feed in via the antenna input using the included BIAS TEE. This means that an application that is far removed from the DC power supply can also be implemented.

You can also find the cables you need for operation in our shop. We only sell low-loss products that we use ourselves in our thousands of installations to determine aircraft positions.

Disclaimer this article its from Jetvision website

i ' m Not RF EXPERT or anything copy me on your own risk

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