The Outrageous Jadis Eurythmie Speakers, Better Than Anything You'll find at The Louvre?

*JUST LISTED* for sale:

The Euythmie speakers are the most innovative, striking, and natural sounding speaker to come through our shop.

Quoting from the original literature:
"Sculptured to reply the laws of nature, they are surprising by aesthetic in appearance. As they cannot be hidden, we have made them into works of art and have used craftsmen's techniques in their manufacture."

We received these works of art over two years ago and have been enjoying them as our flagship speaker in our shop ever since. Despite numerous inquires we were just enjoying them too much to part ways. Well, the time has finally come and we now need to make room in our overloaded shop.


SkyFi Audio is a small startup business specializing in the purchase, reconditioning, and reselling of select high end audio equipment. We only buy equipment that we admire and are passionate about. No mid-fi, no gimmicks, and no junk.

Each piece of equipment is cosmetically restored and fully tested in our well-equipped lab by an engineer with 30+ years of experience in the HiFi world. If it does not meet or exceed the original manufactures specifications, it will not be sold. We are very selective about the equipment we purchase, focusing on mostly analog, high-build quality, American, and European built units.

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