The Pearl Acoustics 170, single ended, vacuum tube power amplifier - the story so far!

After over a decade of trying, our first own design amplifier is built, but there's a problem! In this video I outline the story of its development and talk about the approach we took but also the dilemma we now find ourselves in! We include some sound clips of it playing and discuss our next steps! Enjoy.

Topics covered:
00:00 - Introduction
00:25 - Why our own amplifier?
02:07 - The design approach
05:53 - How I think it sounds (of course I am very biased)!
07:53 - Our big problem!
11:12 - Actual sound examples played through our amplifier and loudspeakers

Link to the Class A vs AB Pt 2 video:

Links to selected music:
Stef Kamil Carlens: Painted Glass:
Stef Kamil Carlens: Like a Rolling Stone cover on Spotify:
Our intro & outro music ‘Philia’ by Stefan Meylaers:
Chasing The Dragon Records (Clare Teal recording & Rimsky Korsakov)

Links to us:
Pearl Acoustics website:
Email us: [email protected]
Social media links:

Equipment used in this video:
Loudspeakers: Pearl Acoustics SG
Preamplifier: Topping Pre90
Amplifiers: Galion TS 120 SE, Decware Torri Mk V, Pearl Acoustics 170,
Turntable: Rega NAIA - Aphelion 2 MC and Rega Aria pre-amplifier
CD Player: Lyngdorf CD-2
Cables: Loudspeaker cables: Pearl Acoustics Neutral Balance
Interconnects: AudioQuest (various)
Listening Room acoustic panels: GIK
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