The PRS SE Silver Sky John Mayer Model! - Specs & Sounds, With Some Iconic Mayer Riffs! - It's Here!

We all knew it was coming, didn't we! Dagan checks out the STUNNING new PRS SE Silver Sky in it's Dragon Fruit finish, from the stage of the awesome 'Blues & Bourbon' Bar and Venue in Newcastle upon Tyne! Dagan rocks some iconic John Mayer Riffs & solos whilst talking you through all the specs and features of this new affordable John Mayer model from Paul Reed Smith and the gang!

There's not much that differentiates this and the USA Core Model PRS Silver Sky, let us know what you think down in the comments!

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In 2018 PRS and John Mayer announced their partnership with the release of the incredible Silver Sky electric guitar - which quickly became the guitar of choice for players around the world.

Now, due to popular demand, the Silver Sky is available as part of the illustrious PRS Student Edition (SE) lineup, bringing the looks, feel, and sound of Mayer's favoured workhorse at a more-affordable price.

0:00 Intro Jam
1:05 PRS Silver Sky History & First Thoughts
2:28 Specs, Hardware, Features & Pickups
4:19 The Beautiful Neck & Fingerboard
6:00 More Tones & Specs
9:10 The 635JM-S Bridge Pickup Tones
9:48 THE 'Position 4' Tone!
10:15 Final Thoughts

Huge thank you to Blues & Bourbon in Newcastle for letting us use their beautiful stage foe this release video.

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