The Remarkable Bartel Roseland | Part 2. with Les Paul

So in part 1 of this series about the Bartel Roseland I showed you how the amp and its eq and gain structure work. It is a flexible and quite complicated amp, which has led me to have a little confusion over this last week. This video has taken me a few days to make - or should I say, I failed at making it for a few days before I finally knew what I wanted to say.

If you are in the market for a high end amp, this could be the one for you - but is it a jack of all trades, master of none? It is interesting to know that the Shakespeare quote the comes from, continues to say, 'oft times better than master of one'. Do the complexities and options of this amp outweigh the paralysis it can sometimes give you when trying to find the right sound? We'll continue to find out...

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Time Stamps

0:00 Plexi Demo 1
0:36 When You Have All The Gear You Need
2:30 Plexi Demo 2
3:48 Complex vs Simple Gear
5:16 Plexi Demo 3
6:16 Plexi Setting Satisfying?
7:25 Plexi Demo 4
8:42 Limiting Expectations & Being Inspired
10:33 Tweed Demo 1
12:49 Bright Cap & Sensitive Controls
13:44 Getting Used to Tweed
15:23 Tweed Demo 2
17:17 Bonding with New Gear
18:41 Reality vs Expectation
20:03 Note those Great Settings
20:58 BlackFace Demo
24:30 Best Blackface Sound, Or its own thing?
26:40 NOT Selling it for now
28:41 Take Lessons (from me)
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