The RFO Electronics El Mo Overdrive MPC Module - It's Electra Series

In this episode, we start sharing individual episodes on the various modules our new friends have been kind enough to loan to us. First up is the El Mo Overdrive from RFO Electronics. This Module is based on Jeff’s El Mo Overdrive pedal. The El Mo pedal was designed to capture the sound of SRV’s famous El Mocambo concert. We really appreciate Jeff sending this over for us to include in the series. To learn more about RFO Electronics check out their Instagram page at

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Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Check out these video timestamps:

0:00 - It’s Electra Bumper
0:27 - Introduction
1:30 - Reference tone
2:02 - El Mo sounds
3:07 - El Mo controls
4:39 - El Mo with the bridge pickup
5:40 - Our thoughts
7:04 - Playing out with the El Mo in “the Box”

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