The Secret to Jimmy Page's Tone

Jimmy Page is one of the greatest masters of guitar tone in the history of the electric guitar. He has set the standard for a variety of unique tones throughout his career. In this episode, I reveal the secret to Jimmy Page's guitar tone...and it's not what you think! You will hear me demonstrate Page's tone by playing the opening riffs for one song off of each Led Zeppelin album using the same gear and guitar. For the episode, I primarily use my '72-'73 Gibson Les Paul, a Fender Deluxe Reverb tube amp (not a Marshall!) and a drive pedal (Bogner La Grange - set to only 25% gain). I supplement that occasionally with a Spark boost pedal, a Ventris reverb pedal and a Nemesis delay pedal. Spoiler Alert...the only other steps in my signal chain that I rely on are the 3 H's! (Head, Heart & Hands)...

Apart from being a composer, musicologist and guitarist, Carl Baldassarre is also a respected Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page aficionado.

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