The Story of Apex Legends Esports

The Entire History of Apex Legends Esports from Season 0 in 2019 through the Apex Legends Global Series Championship, ALGS Year 2. Timestamps in Description!

The Story of Apex Legends Esports includes the ALGS 2021 Championship, ALGS 2022 Championship and All Final Circles from ALGS Split 1 and Split 2 Playoffs, with team comms.

Also, Apex Legends original soundtrack drop theme music and Apex Legends Trailer music for several seasons.

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0:00 Apex Legends Esports
1:15 Season 0
2:48 The First Tournament
5:15 Code Red, Twitch Rivals, TwitchCon Europe
7:06 Esports Orgs Leave
8:31 Apex Legends X Games
11:41 The Best Solo Player
12:15 $1,000,000 Invitational, TwitchCon San Diego
15:27 ALGS Year 1
17:46 ALGS Summer, Autumn, Winter Circuits
19:33 Unpaid and Unacceptable
21:10 ALGS Championship Year 1
25:13 Lulu's Throwdown 1&2
26:37 Nickmercs Gauntlet 1&2
27:35 Disguised Toast Hide and Seek Invitational
28:49 OTK Invitational
29:16 Worst Tournament Ever
30:09 ALGS Year 2
31:34 ALGS Split 1 Playoffs
33:52 ALGS Split 2 Playoffs
36:41 ALGS Championship Year 2

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