The Story of the Little Red Devil

The story of how I made the Little Red Devil. Design challenges, the materials, enclosure, joining the new and old technologies... Koko the lab cat is clearly interested!

0:00 Intro / Enclosure
2:50 Output Transformers
4:55 Enclosure Design
6:35 Sub-Chassis and Internal Assembly
8:20 Panels
10:38 The Booth and Top Assembly
11:40 Another Reason for Sub-Chassis
12:46 Future Projects?
13:20 Clumsy Girl!
14:22 Breadboard
15:45 Remote Control Circuit
17:50 RC Programming
19:35 Programming Mode, No Holes
21:00 Magnet / Reed Switch Programming Mode
22:25 Microcontroller Shenanigans
23:26 Power Supply
24:35 PSU Enclosure
25:55 Power Transformers
26:46 LVDC Supply and the Heating

Overview and final assembly video:

Little Red Devil on Hackaday:

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