The Stuff Can't Do The Thing, Therefore God!

Today, Pastor Gene Kim explains to us why the second law of thermodynamics proves that god exists. Just kidding, it's Gene Kim. He doesn't actually explain anything, he just arrogantly condescends his assertions at you.

The Dunning-Kruger Effect Is Probably Not Real:
Using Random Numbers to Understand Self-Assessed Competence:
How Noise and a Graphic Subverted Understanding Self-Assessment:
What we really know about our abilities and our knowledge:
Dark Energy, Dark Matter:
The Sun's Energy Doesn't Come From Fusing Hydrogen Into Helium (Mostly):
Physicists Might Have Found a Way to Break The Second Law of Thermodynamics:
Wave function of the Universe:
Stephen Hawking's IQ - How Yours Compares to His and Other Famous Persons' IQ:

Original Video:

Abuse in the Church? NIFB Pastor (Matt Powell) EXPLODES on Member:

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