The TRUTH About Factory Sound Systems | SOUND OFF - EP.1: Lamborghini Huracan VS Audison

In this new series, Sound Off, we're showing you just how bad expensive factory sound systems really are, and how easily you can improve upon it.

In Episode 1, we compare the factory Lamborghini Huracan sound system against an Audison Thesis upgrade.

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Factory sound systems carry a lot of weight on the options list - everyone want's that big name audio. Bang & Olufsen, Sensonum, Harmon Kardon, Bowers & Wilkins. And speccing these higher tier sound systems carry a high price, always promising a significant sound upgrade.

However, in reality, the components fitted are almost identical to that of the factory system, usually just more of them, with a very basic amplifier. The improvement in sound is almost just a placebo effect, but there is some additional overall volume.

In this new series, Sound Off, we are showing you what these factory components are really like - the construction, the magnet size and the placements of everything fitted, and then comparing them to available aftermarket components, which offer a SIGNIFICANT upgrade in sound, and the build quality shows it.

In Episode 1, we compare the Lamborghini Huracan factory system to an Audison Thesis upgrade being fitted to the car. We compare the weight of the components, the build quality, and talk you through why this makes a difference.

The products being fitted to this car, visible in a full Behind The Sound series, are the Audison Thesis Violino tweeters, the Audison Thesis Sax 6.5" drivers, two Hertz Mille Legend 8" subwoofers, and Three Audison Thesis amplifiers.

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