The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide to MIG Welding! How to MIG weld!

Here on the Yorkshire Fab Shop, we like to ramble on a bit. Well this one is no exception, with the amount of information to cover we’ve definitely got a marathon ahead of us but it’s all relevant so try to keep up!

In this one, we’re diving deep into Mig welding exploring the hows and whys of the process. It’s aimed at the beginners but by no means exclusive and those of a higher level or understanding will likely benefit from some of the information covered.

We start with the very basics, and progress through to machine set up and onto running beads. Using the machine we fabricated earlier in the year we attempt to standardise the demonstrations so that the results of certain settings can be clearly seen.

So get a brew or two in hand, hopefully you enjoy and take away something useful!
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