The Ultimate Guide and Budget for Home Theater Setup | How to Plan Home Theater System in India?

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Home Theater is no more a luxury. The rise of OTT Consumption and the supply of 4K and Atmos content is making it necessary for everyone to switch from TV to Projector for a big screen experience.

And while the video is been taken care of by the large screens, the audio demands an enhancement too due to the new Atmos and 3D Surround sound technologies.

So, in this video we guide you with 5 simple steps that you need to take while planning your dream home theater experience in living room, bedroom or a media/theater room.

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00:00 - How to Plan a Home theater
00:42 - Introduction
02:25 - SMART Goal for Home Theater
03:31 - Select your room
04:10 - Measure the distance
05:05 - Assigning a budget
06:44 - Research your system
08:23 - Taking action with Timelines
09:37 - Design your Home Theater

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