The Ultimate Klon Shootout! Klon Centaur vs Klon KTR vs Wampler Tumnus

In today's video we compare TWO Klon Centaurs against each other, and TWO Klon KTR, to see if the legendary pedal really is worth £4000! We also add a Wampler Tumnus to the mix to see how a more affordable pedal compares. |

» Wampler Tumnus V2 Drive Pedal |
» Wampler Tumnus Deluxe Guitar Pedal |

Other gear used in the video:
» Heritage H-535 Semi-Hollow in Antique Natural |
» Fender Engine Room LVL12 Power Supply 230V UK |
» Victory V140 Super Duchess 100w Head |
» Victory Widebody 1x12 75w Creamback-loaded Cab |

Klon Centaurs are now over £4000 and the Klon KTR is now reaching prices of up to £1500! So this begs the question, which is better and is there a difference between the two? We also compare 2 Klon Centaurs and 2 Klon KTR against each other to see if different versions of the same pedal sound the same. If that was not enough we also add to the mix the winner of our Ultimate Klon Pedal Blindfold Challenge, the legendary Wampler Tumnus, to see if a more reasonably priced pedal can stand up to the 2 giants.

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