The ZIO Analog Front End + Boost with a Marshall Amp

Source Audio visits Kurt Ballou of the band Converge to hear the glorious tones achieved when the ZIO Analog Front End + Boost is placed in front of a cranked up, high gain amplifier. All the clips were recorded at Kurt Ballou's own God City Studio in Salem, Massachusetts. The guitar is a GCI Craftsman 1 Series, a guitar designed and manufactured by Kurt's guitar, bass and pedal company, God City Instruments. Amps used include a Marshall JMP 2203, a Sparrows' Sons custom amp, and a Dean Costello Audio HMW Heavy Metal Warfare.

FOR MORE INFO ON THE ZIO ANALOG FRONT END + BOOST VISIT - https://www.sourceaudio.net/zio-analog-front-end-boost.html

FOR INFO ON GOD CITY INSTRUMENTS VISIT - https://www.godcityinstruments.com/

FOR INFO ON GOD CITY STUDIO VISIT - https://godcitystudio.com/

FOR INFO ON THE BAND CONVERGE VISIT - https://www.convergecult.com/
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