THEATRE at HOME | Dolby Atmos - 4K | Home Theatre in INDIA - 2022

Theatre experience at home.
Home theatre in the video has a Dolby Atmos surround system with a Visual of 4K resolution.
You now will have 8 Million pixels for true 4K experience.

Here is a complete go through experience of a 4K Dolby Atmos Home Theatre.
4K projection, Dolby Atmos, Complete theatre like experience.

Any one who wants to setup a Home Theatre in their dedicated home theatre room or living room can contact 3V Tek by visiting to their Home Theatre experience center. Below is the address of same,

3V Tek:
469, 8-2-469, 3rd Floor, Rd Number 4, Green Valley, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

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