There Is More to Streaming Than Streaming with Jon Stephenso - TWiRT Ep. 600

Most radio stations are streaming their live audio these days, and many of those are sending metadata for title, artist, album art, and short messages. But in our non-linear, fragmented entertainment world, many listeners want to your show at a different time; or just hear the highlights; or simply replay the artist interview they heard yesterday., Today’s audio curation and publishing tools and platforms are the next innovation that’s already here. Jon Stephenson noticed this fragmented marketplace and brought several technologies together under one umbrella called SoundStack. Chris Tarr and Jon, along with Kirk Harnack, explore and discuss these audio publishing tools and take a look into Audio as a Service.

Show notes:

Launch PR: Audio Brands Unite to Launch SoundStack, a New Audio as a Service Company (AaaS), to Simplify Audio

Jon mentioned the importance of having a Status page for your audio and revenue streams.

Chris mentioned a Chrome browser extension, Radio Receiver, for use with SDR USB turners

Jon’s tips included Redundant Power Supplies for Servers
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