This 1940s Gibson Amp Absolutely Rocks!! Gibson EH-150 Tube Amp + Les Paul Deluxe Gold Top

I was recording/experimenting with some rhythm guitars and decided to try this combo out - surprise surprise!! wow this thing rocks!!! The amp can be a little dark with the Royer 121, so I have a Pete Cornish TB83 treble boost on the way in.

This amp was completely restored back to glory at Amphole in Burbank with a note that the speaker, while being vintage, is not the original field coil.

Signal Path:
- Royer 121
- API Mic Pre
- Focusrite 8Pre/Pro Tools
- Waves Abbey Roads Reverb (Plates)

Created, shot, recorded, edited, and mixed by Ronny K
Music by Ronny K
Copyright 2022 Ronny K
B108 Studio

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