This $50 Guitar Amp is Metal Beast! Ibanez Tone Blaster 15R - No Talking

Do you agree? Here's a couple riffs before I play it over a drum track. I am NOT a metal guitar player by any means, but thought I needed to be for the video. The Ibanez Tone Blaster 15R was my very first amp that I bought when I was 12 in 2002. I decided to bring it out of storage and see how bad it really was.. but it sounded killer with the distortion on my baritone Strat!

The key to recording the tone was not cranking the gain like you would in a live setting. Less is more sometimes.

Signal chain is: Fender custom-built Baritone Stratocaster but I have no idea what the pickup is (bought at a Music Go Round), into a Keeley C4 Compressor, into the Tone Blaster. The two pedals used for modulation were a 1970s ADA Flanger and Walrus M1.

Mic'd with a Shure SM57 - I was testing both mics but the Blue Spark wasn't getting what I wanted.

Audio Interface is Avid Omni HD. No post production on the guitar, what you hear is what was recorded.
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