This amp is mostly sold out for XMAS!

You WILL WANT THIS Joyo amp for Christmas but may not be able to get it anyway. It is that good and I am not selling you my unit.

JOYO sent me this amplifier a while back and I did the most ridiculous thing of putting it aside. My students however started exploring this amplifier and I was convinced eventually to do this video.

However, when I was trying to find out the MSRP, I was surprised to find out that you most likely won't be able to buy it even if you are really keen. It is like that TMNT toy set that was sold out for Christmas all over again! The last I check, Amazon only has 2 units left.

Anyway, I hope this video review will be useful in helping you decide if you want to buy this amp. My quick suggestion is that you run to your nearest guitar store and grab one today! Like... ASAP!

Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
00:47 Overview
02:55 Demo of amp models
12:04 Overview of guitar effects
13:35 Drum machine
14:01 Looper function
16:32 Problem with the Looper and Drum machine
18:08 How to set the Preset
19:03 The hidden Gate function
19:55 Pros and Cons
23:53 What's in the package
24:39 The secret functions
25:19 Conclusion
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