This bassist has played on over 2000 ALBUMS!!! @Leland Sklar on @Phil Collins & @James Taylor

Listening to @Leland Sklar talk about his work with @Phil Collins and @James Taylor was such a delight! His INCREDIBLE knowledge and stories were so inspiring. Leland has recorded over 25k songs and is one of the most prolific musicians of all time. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

I'm @Jack Conte the CEO of @Patreon and one-half of the bands @Scary Pockets and @PomplamooseMusic .

Joining me today are 3 of my best musician friends;

@Leland Sklar the most prolific bassist of all time, he's played with Pihil Collins, James Taylor, Carol King and Toto.

@Nicole Row who plays bass with Panic at the disco

@RyanLerman a professional guitarist the other half of Scary Pockets

Here are our recommendations for what we are listening to and loving right now;

@JackConte: @Radiohead - Kid A

@Leland Sklar Vaughan Williams - the Lark Ascending

@Nicole Row Sublime - Bad Fish

@ryanlerman Eliot Smith - XO

Here is the music we discussed in the episode;

James Taylor - You've Got a Friend

Phil Collins - Another Day In Paradise

@Leland Sklar

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