This Gold Top LP59GT90 is Stacked!

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This is a full review of the Artist Gold Top LP59GT90 electric guitar. This is an LP-Style electric guitar and is loaded with a set of stacked P90 pickups that can also be coil-tapped for traditional P90 tones. The pots and switches are all made in Japan giving this affordable Les Paul style guitar an exceptional feel and reliability long term. The body on this Artist LP59GT90 is Mahogany and it comes complete with locking tuners. Thanks to Artist Guitars for sponsoring this video. Check them out using the links below. This is a pros and cons review of the Artist LP Gold Top 59 LP.

0:00 - Unboxing
0:21 - About (sponsored)
0:54 - Jam Track
3:32 - Guitar Specs
5:23 - Clean Tones
7:58 - Crunch Tones
10:23 - Heavy Tones & Delay
11:19 - Pros and Cons Review

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