This Newcomb P-10 Guitar Amplifier Conversion Rocks!

Very cool Newcomb P-10 that has been converted to a guitar amplifier. This amp is powered by two 6V6 power tubes, 6SF5 & 6SC7 preamp tubes, and a 6x5 rectifier tube. The enclosure is a vintage hat box from, I believe, the 1950's.


The signal path for this recording is as follows:
Guitar→Amp→Fryette PS-2 Load Box→Focusrite Clarett 2Pre Interface→Impulse Response.

Other than reverb no other effects or processing was used other than what is stated.

The drive pedals used for this demo are the JRockett .45 Caliber (first two sections) and the JRockett Archer (final section).


00:00 Strat into a JRockett .45 Caliber into the amp.
00:38 Strat into a JRockett .45 Caliber into the amp.
01:14 Strat into the amp with univibe and delay.
01:56 Strat into the amp with tremolo and delay.
02:37 Les Paul into the amp.
03:40 Les Paul into a JRockett Archer into the amp.
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