This Weird Guitar Cab Was The Secret Sound Of Country Radio

This tone mystery remained unsolved until right now.

0:00 - Intro
1:00 - Gathering Evidence
1:54 - The DVD
2:49 - Going To His Home Studio
3:33 - The List
3:52 - Examining 5 Cabs
4:35 - Station West Studios
5:32 - One Very Compelling Piece Of Evidence
6:37 - The Build
8:14 - Final Tests
9:27 - Outro
9:59 - Tag

All the music in this video was played on by J.T. Corenflos. if you want to help reimburse my hardware store bill.

My website is if you want to make some music.
I'm @jimlill on instagram.


There are a small handful of topics that I'm endlessly fascinated by. One of them is my favorite music, and how it was made.

Nobody has written a book about that yet and I'm not counting on it, so I often have to figure some things out on my own. After testing a thousand different aspects of what makes guitar cabs sound like they do in my last video, I wanted to know what cab was used on my favorite music. It's a big piece of the sound.

So I went on a mission. It took years from start to finish, and involved an embarrassing amount of research, pulling up old files at my favorite studio, and a quick trip to the hardware store.

Hopefully I understand how to sound a little more like my electric guitar hero from here on out.

-Jim, 9/6/22
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