Thomas Hummel - Also Schweige Ich. GAIDA Festival 2021

"Also Schweige Ich" for 3 voices, 17 instruments and 34 loudspeaker sculptures. Music by Thomas Hummel. Texts by Pawel Adelgeim. This is a video of the performance at GAIDA Festival Vilnius 29 octobre 2021. Three groups of musicians are distributed in the space. Each of the 34 loudspeaker sculptures represents a musician and plays a note part with many different playing techniques. The note part is placed on a music stand together with the loudspeaker. The aim of the loudspeakers is is to increase the size of the ensemble to a large orchestra.

Adelgeim was a russian clergyman and writer. He lived in Pskov and was murdered in 2013. In the time of soviet union, he was known as dissident and fighter for religious freedom. The texts are autobiographical.
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