Thorpy FX Scarlet Tunic - Guitar Pedal Demo (Three Analog Amp Pedals in One!)

Here we are, back with another Thorpy FX Guitar Pedal Demo! Thorpy has done it - an analog vintage amp emulation platform! This stunning pedal centers around amp-like gain and dynamic of a Selmer Treble & Bass 50 - but the ultra powerful Presence knob let's you dial in Hi-Watt DR103 tones at full counter-clockwise, all the way to Vox AC30 tones at full clockwise! The Selmer tones live at noon.

00:00 Intro
01:04 Demo Begins, Gibson SG + Lambertones Crema Humbuckers (Presence maxed, AC30 tones)
03:06 Pushing Treble on AC30 TONES
03:52 Dropping Presence to Noon for Selmer Treble and Bass 50 tones, Middle Pickup Position on SG (Lambertones)
04:34 Neck Pickup
05:12 Reducing gain to noon, compensating with volume. Insanely articulate cleans.
05:40 Presence to 9 o clock, this is Hi-Watt tone territory. Increasing Treble and Bass
06:19 Looking closer at dynamics on the edge
06:34 Sensitivity Switch to Middle
07:11 Sens switch up
07:21 Sens switch down (my fave)
07:32 Presence back to noon for Selmer Amp tones
08:03 Bridge Pickup, maxing out gain
08:59 Bright Switch to Middle, and dropping presence toward hi-watt
09:54 Bright switch to top
10:08 Exploring Deep Switch, Presence to Noon/Selmer
10:50 Cranking presence for that AC30 thing!
11:30 Presence to noon
11:40 Volume knob clean up (treble bleed in SG)
12:04 Some of the best tone I've ever heard!
12:24 Getting Towards Glassy Fuzz Characteristics
13:36 Singing sustain and beautiful overtones
14:28 Revisiting bridge, oh man!

Tons of EQ shaping on board via both switches and knobs, and the entire span of the gain and level played so well with my newly acquired @Benson Amps Monarch with NOS Tung Sol glass, into the @BOSSchannel Waza Tube Amp Expander so some light attentuation, and I even ran the Benson Tall Bird tube reverb into the Boss Waza Effects Loop! Also, I am using my brand new @Lambertones Pickups Crema Humbuckers in their debut demo, and holy WOW do they sound great clean or with gain, from neck to bridge. These might just be my fave hums ever, and they have that extra sparkle and clarity while still doing that humbucker thing! Incredible!

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