ThorpyFX Boneyard Germanium Fuzz

The ThorpyFX Boneyard Fuzz is the culmination of Thorpy’s years of experience with this venerable circuit. Using Germanium transistors and a unique feature set, the Boneyard Fuzz aims to be your ultimate Tonebender by giving you a choice to dial in and around all the major variants (MKI to MK IV), allowing you to create your own custom version!
At the heart of a traditional ToneBender are 3 Germanium transistors but if you do your homework, you’ll find that some early Vox and rare "Mk 1.5" versions only used two, like a Fuzz Face. The mode toggle allow you to access these rare variations (2/3 trans) and a whole lot more via a range of gain adjusted by the Attack control. What sets apart many of these variants is the compression and spittiness of the fuzz, which is why the Feed control is so crucial. This master bias affects the voltage to the whole pedal and therefore the feel and raggedness of the sound. To fine-tune the sound, a powerful tone control can soften the highs or fatten the low end but if you’re a vintage purist, you have the option to disable the tone stack via a footswitch, giving the fuzz an open unfiltered sound not to mention a burst of output to send your lead tone out front.

The Boneyard gets the ThorpyFX treatment with high quality components that allow this fuzz to expand on the Tonebender legacy with lower noise, higher output and rock solid reliability.

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