THREE Compressors in ONE Pedal - Crazy Tube Circuits - PHI Golden Ratio Compressor V2

Today we are looking at the PHI Golden Ratio Compressor V2 by Crazy Tube Circuits - with THREE seperate analogue Compressor circuits (FET, OTA and Optical) in ONE Pedal!

Big THANK YOU to everyone at Crazy Tube Circuits for sending this pedal to us - find out more about it here:

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0:00 Hello
0:40 What is it...??
1:37 Setup
1:54 Knobs
3:52 FET Setting w/ Tomkins "T" Style
7:18 OTA Setting
8:35 OPTO Setting
10:34 Thoughts
11:08 PartsMasterCaster "JM" Style
13:30 Fernandes "S" Style w/ Fishman Fluence PUs
18:17 Sire Larry Carlton L7 "LP" Style
19:45 PartsMasterCaster "JM" Style
22:06 Thoughts
22:29 Fulle Compression
23:43 Final Thoughts


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