Three of the Best HDMI Solutions for Long Distance Runs of 4K/8K Video

In this video, we discuss the Three Best ways to transmit HDMI 4K/8K HD video from your source to your display devices with subject matter expert and ISF calibrator Jason Dustal. This includes: active HDMI cables (ie. Bullet Train HDMI cables), Cat6 with HDMI Baluns, raw Fiber with HDMI Baluns.

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For HDMI Baluns, check out:
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0:00 Introduction
0:50 AH Smarthome
1:45 3 Ways to Transmit HD Video
2:20 Passive Copper HDMI Cable Limitations
3:10 Preconstruction Wiring Recommendations
3:22 Cat 6A
3:50 Fiber
4:17 Types of Fiber
5:22 What we Run
5:36 Bullet Train HDMI Cable
6:50 What to look For When Buying HDMI Cable
8:10 What is HDMI USB Power for?
10:03 Cable Direction?
11:22 Best Solutions for HDMI
13:30 Cable Bandwidth Limitations
15:00 Cat5 Considerations
15:40 Fiber Balum Extenders?
17:10 3 HDMI Long Run Solutions Recap
17:50 Toolkits to test HDMI
18:40 Denon/Marantz HDMI Diagnostic Mode
19:30 How Are You Doing It?
20:25 Run Conduit!
20:55 Final Considerations
22:00 Terminating HDMI Cables
26:20 Bloopers

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For Active HDMI, check out:
For HDMI Baluns, check out:

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