Three Sounds: Tape Audio Co. Two

For today’s Three Sounds reel we’re taking a look at the all new TWO from @tapeaudioco. Hand built from NOS parts, the TWO is a highly versatile drive box, built around two gain circuits, One Germanium and the other Silicon. The ability to blend and cascade these circuits lets you achieve sounds ranging from low gain preamp like boost, to smooth overdrives, thick distortions and all out fuzz.

Controls are simple, the Pre knob adjusts how much of the Germanium circuit feeds the Silicon, the Gain knob controls the Silicon circuit, and the Master handles the overall output. There is no tone control on the TWO, but the eq is quite balanced and I found it wasn’t something I was missing, as adjusting the balance of the drive circuits and the option of rolling back tone on the guitar itself got me all the sounds I needed.

Thank you Tape Audio for including me in your release.
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