Thursday Live Stream! Harley Benton DNAfx Pro, Revisiting the Custom Shop Mustang, Stocking up!

As always, this is a pretty open to interaction stream, come hang out!

0:00 Intro
1:10 Harley Benton DNAfx Pro brief overview from more leaks
4:19 Why I continue to go over Harley Benton guitars
7:13 Sire H7 fret issues
11:47 Did I purchase anything for Black Friday
12:35 Done with MIC Squire Guitars
14:49 Some guitar amp talk, my two favorite youtube demo channels
17:46 Reverbs top selling guitars for 2021
19:40 A message to my Dad, who may be watching this stream
21:15 I prefer stores that specialize in certain price ranges, whether it's high end or low end.
22:41 What not to do when financing or putting a guitar on a credit card
24:21 Stocking up on strings, parts
26:26 Fender Custom Shop Mustang, an update
29:40 Some of the difference between a high end guitar and budget versions
33:07 The worst guitar I've ever had
35:27 The end of uploading daily may be soon approaching
37:00 The lure of made in Japan Navigator Les Pauls
39:22 Tokai Guitars rocketing in price
42:22 Understanding import tax basics when buying a guitar from overseas
43:50 Checking out a Greco that popped up at Dave's Guitar Shop during the stream ( it's already sold )
45:40 Checking out a PRS 309 also for sale
46:58 How I approach guitars as "investments" or "collectable"
50:10 Guitars are much more fun than stocks, winding down the stream

Thanks for joining and watching!
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