Time to Say Goodbye _ Andrea Bocelli

Concerto One Night in Central Park _ 2011

Reel to Reel: Tascam BR20
Turntable: Clearaudio Innovation Compact
Tonearm: SME V-12
Cartridge: ZYX Bloom 3
Pre-Phono: Nagra VPS + Telefunken ECC81 + Tube Sox
Pre-Amplifier: Dual Mono Krell KBL x2
Amplifier: Pass Labs XA160.5
CD Transport: Mark Levinson No.37
DAC: Mark Levinson No.360S
MD: Pioneer MJ D7
Speaker: Avalon Ascendant
Interconnect: Cardas Neutral Reference, Cardas Clear
Speaker Cable: Cardas Clear Single Wire
AC Cable: Shunyata Research Delta V2 NR, Cardas Reflection, Furutech FP-S55N, Shunyata Venom 3
Regulator: PS Audio PowerPlant 15 with PowerHouse Fuse Zero2
Accessories: Hi-Fi Stay Ballerino 60, Stella Double Swing

Recorded by AKG LYRA condenser microphone 2mic
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