Timer Circuit with Capacitor | Timer Circuit using Transistor (No IC) | Delay Off Timer Making

In this video, I present you with a timer circuit with capacitor,timer circuit using transistor,delay off timer making

In this video we discuss the making of simple delay timers using very ordinary components like transistors, capacitors and diodes. All these circuits will produce delay ON or delay OFF time intervals at the output for a predetermined period, from a few seconds to many minutes. All the designs are fully adjustable.

Only one transistor using this circuit.
There is a circuit diagram at the end of the video.

Circuit components-

6V DC Relay. 1
D600k Transistor. 1
Push Button Switch. 1
10k VR. 1
100 ohms Resistor 2
3V LED 1
2200 uf /25V Capacitor 1
100 uf / 25V Capacitor 1

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