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Justin Colletti (Sonic Scoop) presents the TOMO Audiolabs LISA plugin. This is a great new dynamic EQ plugin for your master buss and individual tracks. In this video Justin takes you through all the key features of the brand new TOMO Audiolabs LISA, mastering several tracks with it and showing why it's one of best, most forgiving and most versatile mastering plugins out there.

This video shows why TOMO Audiolabs LISA dynamic EQ plugin is perfect for controlling kick and bass without reducing low frequency extension, or enhancing them without adding undue boominess to the mix. The plugin can also be used to reduce sibilance in vocals or harshness in cymbals without sacrificing brightness, and even precisely target specific elements in the mix, especially in mid-side mode.

TOMO Audiolabs LISA is unique. In the conventional series wiring found in most EQs, 100% of the distortion and rectification influences the signal path. The LISA’s parallel circuitry allows individual bands to be processed in similar fashion to a mixing console, enabling more extensive, more sensitive and more subtle processing, making it possible to musically apply extreme EQ settings that would be impossible with other traditional EQs and EQ plugins.
If you are looking for the best new mastering plugin available, you need to see this video. The TOMO Audiolabs LISA plugin is compatible with all major DAWs including Ableton, Cubase, Pro Tools, Garageband, REAPER and FL Studio.

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