Tonal Character: Finding Your Tom Sound | Season Four, Episode 29

It’s pretty widely understood that there’s more than one way to tune a drum- even when tuning it to a particular pitch. Being able to alter the character of a drum’s tone without changing the overall pitch is a valuable skill for controlling sympathetic resonance, sustain, feel, and so much more. In this episode we demonstrate three different approaches for different sonic characteristics while maintaining the same overall pitch.

0:00 Intro
1:37 Long Sustain
4:48 Subtle Pitch Bend
7:25 Resonant but Short
9:22 Application & Summary
12:56 Wrap Up

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GIK Acoustics (sonic treatment): https://sladl.ink/GIK
AKG Audio (microphones): https://sladl.ink/AKG
Evans Drumheads: https://sladl.ink/EvansDrumheads
ProMark Drumsticks: https://sladl.ink/ProMarkDrumsticks

Signal chain:
Mics - Focusrite Clarett 8Pre USB & OctoPre - MacPro w/Pro Tools 12.8
Recorded at 48kHz / 24bit
Overheads: (Matched Pair in Glyn Johns - Cardioid) AKG C314 https://sladl.ink/C314Pair
Snare & Toms: AKG C518M https://sladl.ink/C518M
Kick Drum: AKG D112 https://sladl.ink/D112mkII
*No EQ or compression in use with drum demos unless otherwise noted*

Acoustic Treatment:
GIK 242 Acoustic Panels: https://sladl.ink/GIK242
GIK 4A Alpha Pro Series Diffusor/Absorber: https://sladl.ink/GIK4aAlphaPro
GIK Evolution PolyFusor Combination Sound Diffuser/Absorber: https://sladl.ink/GIKEvolutionPolyFusor
GIK Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap: https://sladl.ink/GIKTriTrap

Pearl Masters Maple Custom Extra w/70’s Ludwig LM4000 Supraphonic

15” Zildjian ‘Fat Hats’ prototype hihahts, 20” Zildjian K Constantinople ride

Snare: Evans G1 Coated / Snare Side 300
Toms: Evans G2 Coated / G1 Clear
Kick Drum: Evans UV EMAD Coated / EQ3 Coated White Reso

Hosted by: Cody Rahn
Production & Consulting: Ben O'Brien Smith @ Cadence Independent Media

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