Tone Talker Ep.3 - The guitar amplifier is the most important part of your rig!

00:00 Intro about why the amp is so important
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In this video, I basically speak about how important the guitar amp is. I believe the amp is the most important part of your rig, and that you should get a GOOD amp before anything else. It makes no sense to play great instruments through a mediocre amplifier, which will make you go through rabbit holes of pickups and pedals, etc, without realizing that the actual problem is not being addressed: the amp. Don't spend thousands on guitars and pedals and stuff like that before you make the biggest effort in owning a great amplifier, one that gives you the sound you want, and that makes you a better player, and that enhances your sound. Don't expect an entry level modeling amplifier to "sound like the originals". That is not true in real life, and there is a reason why professional musicians use high end modelers, and not entry level affordable modelling amps like Line 6 Spiders and the like. The amp is what affects your tone the most. Don't expect to change your tone substantially by swapping pickups, or buying a different kind of Tube Screamer.

It's a simple equation: great instruments cannot give their full potential through a mediocre or entry level amplifier. But a modest instrument can sound great through a great amplifier! Find a great amp first. Some are not cheap, I understand. But it is worth it, and it will save you a lot of headaches.

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