Tonewinner AD-7300PA+ power audio 7 channels 2100W amplifier Production and manufacturing record

AD-7300PA is seven channels amplifier that specially designed to use with AV or multil channel preamps. It is a high end amplifier with switching power supply design, it can be applied as both home theater and HiFi. Its sound quality is extremely outstanding. Power output 7x300W (8ohms) .

Main Features
* 7 independent amplifier circuit modules, which are low distortion and high speed HI-FI, can offer full audio resolution.
Note: FL, FR channels use external heatsink, their class A working current is higher than other channels. Before working, make sure the cables are correctly connected.
* Perfect amplifier protecting circuits (short protection, self-excitation protection, overheating protection and DC protection)
* 7 channels equal power output, meet different occasion needs.
* Big power switching power supply, abundant power stock.
* Big power tube parallel output, can supply 45A current output, big output power margin.
* High strength and durable casing structure; Scientific inner setting, strong anti-interference ability; High quality aluminum panel, simple and easy appearance.
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