Tonewinner AT 2300 7.2ch Amplification AV Receiver is Live in India | Demo | Test | Price | Review

Tonewinner, a Chinese entity has got their latest entrant AT-2300 in India. Partnered with one of the strongest Home Cinema product distributor KEI Hi-Fi, this AT-2300 AVR is a atmos theater & karaoke integrated amplifier. It combines as a home theater system, personal music center and professional karaoke system. It’s the high end amplifier which can satisfy your family entertainment requirements specially during gatherings when you need the engine to deliver higher outputs along with its musical features.

This AVR is built on Class H technology with 150Watts Output Power at 8 Ohms for 7channels amplification and decodes 11ch audio. Each channel has as many as 7 to 11 band parametric EQ which lets you control sound at various frequency range for better output. It uses the latest ADI core DSP and has got independent settings and parameters presets for all the input channels. The RS232 port allows it to configure with Automation systems easily. 6 HDMI Inputs are more than enough for your requirements and 2 HDMI Outputs will allow you to connect TV and Projector together.

Some of the wins of the Tonewinner AT-2300 AV Receiver are -
1. Class H Robust Amplification
2. 11ch Processor for Larger Room Setups and Commercial Applications
3. Karaoke Features for Music Lovers
4. Presets for Settings and Inputs making life easy

Some of the losses of the Tonewinner AT-2300 AV Receiver are -
1. No Wifi support for Aiplay, Wifi Music Streaming or Internet Radio
2. No 8K Support. Also, 4K is at 60Hz only
3. HDMI ARC making atmos difficult with Smart TVs
4. Basic Build Quality and Remote Control

Maximum Retail Price of Tonewinner AT-2300 AV Receiver in India is 139,900/-

Let me know if you will buy this product considering the shortage in other AV Receiver material?

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